The Longer You Take….

Sometimes it is not what is said that hurts but isn't said.... Sometimes it is not what is done but how it is done... AND  Sometimes it is not the response given but the time you have to wait... The longer the response the harder my heart becomes....

Growing Swell

It's the smell of rain before the heavens open. It's the boom that precedes the sparkle of fireworks. It's the lessons the God is teaching me before He shows me what is next. I have felt the build over the last few months. At first I was in danger of being caught up in the … Continue reading Growing Swell

Since When

There was a time when I was very afraid. Afraid of saying the wrong thing, of looking stupid, of being seen.... This fear shaped everything I did(or didn't do) and said(or didn't say).  My fear shaped how people saw me. Some saw weakness, pride, and sometimes my lack of words was viewed as stupidity. Yet what … Continue reading Since When