Not Today, Mister

Hey you! You know who you are. You are the person who rejected me. Well, you didn't out right reject me. No, you are much too passive for that. Your rejection was shown in you inaction. You didn't want to say no and you were scared of yes. So you literally said nothing. And left … Continue reading Not Today, Mister


Think Pink

I am wearing a pink shirt. Why is this important? This, my friends, proves that people can change. I once hated pink. I hated that wI eas expected to love it. I hated that all the pretty popular girls loved pink. Not just because the loved it but to me pink was a s two … Continue reading Think Pink

The Longer You Take….

Sometimes it is not what is said that hurts but isn't said.... Sometimes it is not what is done but how it is done... AND  Sometimes it is not the response given but the time you have to wait... The longer the response the harder my heart becomes....

Growing Swell

It's the smell of rain before the heavens open. It's the boom that precedes the sparkle of fireworks. It's the lessons the God is teaching me before He shows me what is next. I have felt the build over the last few months. At first I was in danger of being caught up in the … Continue reading Growing Swell