In over…

Every once in a while, I have an outrageous idea and an opportunity to make that idea into a reality. Then BAM! ah! What to do?! I actually have to make this happen! I have a feeling my life is going to be changing over the next few months. This is exciting and frightening at … Continue reading In over…


Who is your waiting for?

It's funny how if you are a content single woman, very different people will ask you the same question. What is the most amusing part of their question is the tone their voice has when they ask. There is a sense of wonder and respect with a hint of horror in the way they ask, … Continue reading Who is your waiting for?

Mom Status

Let me just say, I am not a mom.  Also, I mean no offense to mothers out there.... Ok, here's my post. Among many of my passions, is the passion to show love to people. Sometimes this is through words, hugs and spending time with them... But one of my favourite ways to show love … Continue reading Mom Status