Mom Status

Let me just say, I am not a mom.  Also, I mean no offense to mothers out there…. Ok, here’s my post.

Among many of my passions, is the passion to show love to people. Sometimes this is through words, hugs and spending time with them… But one of my favourite ways to show love is to cook for someone.

Last week, I made lunch for two amazing people at work. I was both excited and nervous to share my (hopefully) yummy food with them. They appeared to be equally as excited.

As I had handed them their lunch, on of them remarked, “This brings mom status to a new level.”

Uh, WHAT? I am only 3 years older than you and now I have mom status?!?!

They must have seen my flustered face and they explained how I heard it was not how they meant it. But funny how words work… because they were stuck.

“Mom status” hung over my heads the entire weekend. So much so I almost stayed home to watch the Superbowl alone because everything I tried on made me look too much like a mom. I thought of all the friends who jokingly call me mom.(or mum)

There is nothing wrong with being a mom, looking like a mom, and if moms have a smell, I am sure it is fine to smell like one too… if you are a mom.  But to a single, childless woman, it is not only a reminder of what you don’t have but also a reminder that you are aging.

I sat on my floor for some time with clothes surrounding me.

Finally, I got up, looked in the mirror and gave myself a good stare down. I looked no different then I did a few days ago before the words “mom status” were uttered. I wasn’t going to let words take my confidence ( and the little social life I had).

So one last outfit change and I headed out for some fun…..with all my friends who are moms and others are so young they make me feel old.








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