Growing Swell

It’s the smell of rain before the heavens open. It’s the boom that precedes the sparkle of fireworks. It’s the lessons the God is teaching me before He shows me what is next.

I have felt the build over the last few months. At first I was in danger of being caught up in the under tow. My thoughts and emotions pulled me under twisting and flipping until I almost gave up hope. Thankful I have friends(even if they live far away) who pulled me up before I was to far under.

On top of the waves, everything looks different. The sun shines, the bird(seagull) screech, and I see a glimpse of land on the horizon.

Adventure, challenge, growth it awaits on shore but it is also found in the growing swells at sea.  Keep your head up! Surround yourself with determined swimmer, who won’t give up or let you turn back.


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