Wounds of the Heart

Gosh. I have a bit of a Debbie Downer recently. I guess it is the season I am in. I have been made aware of areas in my life I want and need to work on. The plus side to this season of self reflection and inprovement is seeibg how far I have grown. 

A few years ago, I was far more of a mess then I am today. Each year there is improvement and with improvement peace.  

Over the years I have learn to see the difference in the hurts ans struggles I have gone through. Some wounds have been of my own doing while most were left by others. 

Bumps: reckless and/or stupid behavior.  Reacting to a situation poorly, saying sometging you insently regret.  Sometimes when you wound others, you wound yourself. A bump is the quickest to fade but it can bruise.

Bruises: interaction with unhealthy people whether, your choice or not. People who push too hard, act without thinkig of others, selfish and just plain stupid. These people with bump and bash you, sometimes without being aware of what they are doing. Be smart who you let in your heart space. People who leave bruises may be ok at first but the longer you let them stay the deeper and more painful the bruising.

Cuts: words, betrayal of trust, hurtful actions that leave you vunerable for a season. Cuts are intentional. They are left by people who carry their pain and uses it to cause pain in the lives of others. Insecurity, anger, hate, guilt, and deceit or the wounds they fashion and with each stab they leave fragments of their pain in the hearts of others. Forgiveness is the only way to free yourself of these fragments.

Scraps: Thoughtless decisions that trip you up and skidding across the pavement. “I know it’s wrong and that it is going to hurt…but I am going to do it anyway!”  

Scars: life  wounds that when looked after and healed properly will not affect your everyday life but will flare up when certain people and situations poke at it. Scars can be any of mentioned wounds that are too deep or neglected. Scars shape how you see and respond to situations. They don’t have to hold people back but can if the scar if all you focus on. 

I have some scars in my life. Some hurts that flare up and burn at times. But you know, sometimes my scars help other feel comfortable to share their stories.  


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