Deep Thoughts About My Face… 

My face. It is my enemy at times. It is so brutally honest. 

It tells people when I am tired,  if I have been crying, that I might be crushing on someone, and when you better hide because my latino side is about to come out!

At times, I wonder if this is a good thing.  Is it an advantage or disadvantage to have people aware of your emotions? When you are being empathetic this could be an advantage. They see that you feel what they are feeling. You both connect more deeply without uttering a word. But what about when you don’t want them to be able to read you? 

Vunerable. That is an emotion I don’t always want to be seen. Whether is comes when I feel deep hurt, fear or even at times love or attraction. Vulnerability is scary inside but gosh! When the very people who can hurt me the most see my stupidly honest face… I start looking for the nearest hole to crawl into.

Ha. But vulnerability is the most misinterpreted emotion my face displays. Why? Two reasons.

1. The person is completely oblivious and in their own little world. 

But the most common:

 2. Their own emotions/thoughts cloud their judgement.  Basically they are feeling vulnerable too.  

I have seen this happen very few times but these moments stand out to me. A person who could read even the most subtle looks, quickly becoming enable to read my face. Other moments are people who see my less used emotions on my face but they are still new in the world of my face emotions… So they guess…and 98% of the time they are completely wrong. 

I am still deciding if my honest face is a pro or con…I guess it is a little bit of both. But hey! It’s my face so I am stuck with it. 


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